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Remote Access

With Harvey Norman Commercial remote access solutions, you can control and monitor your home or business premises any time and from anywhere at the touch of a button.

That’s right - remote access home automation systems put ultimate access at your fingertip via your iPhone, tablet, and other smartphones. With them, you can enjoy convenient features that include away and home modules that allow you to lock the doors, turn on/off heating/cooling appliances, air condition, and remotely control gates, doors, security/surveillance devices, and much more, all for your safety and comfort.

Mobile Access

In this digital age where smartphones are smaller and far much more powerful than yester-years supercomputers, mobile phone remote access to your home isn’t a dream; it’s an expectation.

Harvey Norman Commercial automation experts will design, install and commission an integrated remote access system that’ll offer you complete control and monitoring of your living environment. With smartphone integration, you can conveniently view CCTV footage, receive up-to-date security notifications, and control other automation systems, all from one simple, easy-to-use, and intuitive app on your tablet or Smartphone.

Latest and Secure Integration Technology

With the backing of the latest encryption technology, your remote access will certainly be reliable, hacker-proof, and highly secured. On the back end are robust dedicated servers to ensure 24/7 uptime.

One System. Endless Possibilities

With Harvey Norman Commercial's remote access automation, total control of your home at the palm of your hands, literally. Forgot garage keys or remote control? Guests or family at the door but you are miles away? Broken HVAC but you are away on business or vacation? No problem - remote access allows you to do all that with one nifty app.

Do Something Today

Here at Harvey Norman Commercial, we have longstanding experience in all things home automation, from surveillance/security to remote access and everything in between. Reach out to one of our remote access experts for a free consultation and more information.

Affordable quality, modern automation systems, and best customer service are the staple of Harvey Norman Commercial business approach.

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