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Climate Control

Are you tired of wrestling with your thermostats, HVAC systems, and other heating/cooling appliance?

Take advantage of the latest and best Home Automation to instantly regulate the comfort level of your living spaces and save energy while at it. Professionals at Harvey Norman Commercial can help you design and deploy a climate control system that’ll make regulating conditions of your living environment not only snappy but also a breeze.

Centralised and Stylish Control Hub

Right from a conveniently wall-mounted and stylish touchscreen, you can control your thermostats, air condition, heating and cooling systems without much hassle, to suit your mood.

Smart Control

Climate control systems set up by Harvey Norman automation experts is smart enough to adapt to your routine and habits. When you are out and about or elsewhere on business, the system can take it easy on the heating or cooling system to save even more energy.

Smart Sensors

The climate control system incorporates numerous smart sensors that detect even slight changes in your living environment to deliver optimum results. These intelligent sensors are always seamlessly in sync with the core system.

Mobile Access

Forgot to turn down the heat before leaving to work? No problem; with remote access, you can easily tweak the climate of your home on your tablet or Smartphones from anywhere. That also means you can easily control temperatures, humidity, and overall in-home comfort level even before you arrive at home.

The benefits of a climate control system are endless.

  • Control each living zone with a touch on your phone or touchscreen control
  • Use system schedule to preset comfort levels to your own time cycles.
  • Control your thermostat, HVAC, and heating/cooling systems from multiple devices, e.g. tablets, PCs, MAC, phone, and much more. It simply puts total control in your hands.

With Harvey Norman Commercial, possibilities are limitless. Contact us today for free consultation and more information on the subject.

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