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Krix speakers support innovative Homes and Cinemas around Australia


Our passion for sound has been finally enhanced with the ultimate range of Krix speakers. Ranging from all shapes and sizes, Krix is sure to supply the speaker that you need for your home entertainment or commercial area. With new and improved automation systems, the speakers are sure to enhance your cinematic experience. We are proud to name Krix our ‘go-to’ brand for cinema speakers. Aside from Harvey Norman Home Automation QLD, many of the Event Cinemas have been fitted with Krix speakers which just proves the high quality speakers are loved through many different businesses.

Krix was founded by Scott Krix who has always a deep appreciation for sound. Through creating and designing his own high quality speakers, he started gaining recognition through cinema multiplexes over Australia. Based in Adelaide, Krix quickly developed into the ‘go-to’ supply for cinematic speakers. With his innovative speaker designs and inventions, Krix gives people the opportunity to listen to ethereal and refined sounds.

Home Entertainment

The home entertainment range designed by Krix, is available for all home cinema lovers. From surround to outdoor systems; Krix sure has a speaker specialised for your home area. The crisp sound quality that is gained through the speakers are defined by an entire range timbre that is matched perfectly to your home. The Krix speaker range is handcrafted with custom finishes to give your home that edge.

Krix have also produced a range for dedicated home cinema rooms. This consists of different series modular systems to give your home cinema that extra boost when listening to a range of sounds.

Commercial Cinema

Feel the great sound that Krix has to offer with a truly captivating experience. For supplying cinema multiplexes for over 35 years - Krix sure knows a thing or two about high quality and performance speakers for commercial purposes. With great knowledge of well-designed speakers and sound, the advanced technology will give people the ultimate cinematic experience.

Whether you are sitting in your lounge room or even a commercial cinema; Krix speakers are sure to improve your experience with such clarity and definition. Innovation homes all over Australia are proudly supported by Krix products.

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