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What is an Intelligent Home?


Today’s intelligent home is the stuff of the science fiction of the years back. You walk in the front door and it opens keyless, the lights switch on, the air conditioner activates, the TV comes on and switches to your favourite programme when it is time, and the fridge informs you what foods you need to stock up. This was unheard of a few years back but it is pretty mundane stuff these days. Smart home solutions interlink different devices and features around the house so that they are able to communicate and perform tasks intelligently for a more comfortable living experience.

What is home automation?

A home automation system is designed to make devices around the house work with little human intervention. The devices are created with a fully integrated system so they can communicate between devices. There is no one-system-fits-all in home automation. The home decides what features need to be automated. The more features that are automated the smarter the home becomes.

Some of the standard features that are automated include:

Security Systems

Smart security systems can be programmed to detect threats which can then be communicated by contacting the homeowner. Components of security systems include CCTV cameras, keypad access, anti-burglar alarms, smoke detectors and other devices to detect and deter threats. These devices can be programmed to work together for example when the wrong code is entered thrice, the CCTV is activated which sends the pictures over the internet to the homeowner and makes and alert that there is an unauthorised entry attempt.

Smart Lighting Systems

Smart innovation homes design makes lighting efficient such that lights come on only when they are needed. For example, the brightness of the lights adjusts to changes in daylight. The lighting can also be linked to the security system to shine on areas where threats are detected.

Smart Energy Design

A smart home energy management system brings efficiency into heating and cooling around the house. By deploying smart temperature control devices, temperatures different rooms in the house are adjusted depending on time and presence of occupants.

Smart Entertainment Systems

Different entertainment devices around the house are interlinked to deliver content flawlessly as needed. For example, the TV can be programmed to play favourite playlists from the mobile over wireless at given time when the owner is in the house.


Benefits of Home Automation

Engaging a home automation Brisbane service can be very beneficial. The home becomes more comfortable and functional with little human input. Your energy bills will come down. Your home living experience will be vastly improved.

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