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The Experts’ Advice: Trending Smart Home Solutions


Smart home solutions are providing better living experiences as tasks around the house become intelligently automated. We sat down to ask one of the experts from a home automation Brisbane service some questions about smart homes.

What is home automation?

This is the installation and use of intelligent devices around the house to do tasks with little or no human intervention. For example, the fridge alerting you that some stocks have run out and sending an order for those items to the supermarket. It also involves programming devices to handle tasks the way the homeowner likes them done, for example, having the audio play a classical musical playlist at 9.00 p.m. while the lights dim down towards the end of the night.

How can I automate my home?

There are two ways to automate a home. You can install a centralised home automation command centre which can manage all devices from one point. You can also automate your home in modules working on separate systems at a time. Some of the smart home solutions you can start with include:


Smart home energy management system

  • This is a system to control your heating and cooling settings. It includes programmable temperature devices which can sense what temperatures are needed in which room.

Smart lighting system

  • This smart system will control light patterns and brightness depending on the time of the day and the intensity of available daylight. It will also integrate with the energy management system to deliver ideal heat and light settings in different rooms. This system also includes a component of controlling blinds to ensure that light and heat settings are optimal.

Smart security system

  • This is a system that has components that will work in concert to detect, deter and give off alarms on threats. For example, a door PIN keypad triggering the CCTV to alert the homeowner on the mobile that there is a burglar at the door.


What are the trends in home automation today?

The biggest trend today is undoubtedly voice control. Home control platform like Google’s Home and Amazon’s Echo are providing a platform from which different devices can be controlled. Smart home innovation is also seeing more devices communicating with each other. This is enabled by Bluetooth and WIFi connectivity. For example, the mobile can send the owner’s favourite playlist to the audio system whenever the owner is in range.

How can I benefit from these trends?

Installing smart home solutions will definitely make your home more functional and comfortable. There are also cost benefits like reduced energy bills due to efficient lighting/blinds control. Finally, you will have a healthier, happier family.

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