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Improve Your Health with Light Control Systems


Behavioural experts have long demonstrated that humans are affected by light patterns and intensity. Modern life throws a lot of light from artificial sources to the eyes; TV, computers, mobile, billboards, and other lights. This can interrupt your natural cycle such that your sleeping and waking patterns are affected. Smart lighting can be installed around the house to counter the effects of this harsh lighting. Smart homes solutions have programmable lights that sense the time of the day to adjust brightness which goes along with your body’s circadian rhythm for better sleep and waking patterns.

Warm lighting

Experts say different colour ‘temperatures’ have different effects on the body. Most of the artificial light is cooling, which is white bright light. Warm light is that which appears in hues of orange and yellow. Warm light is associated with feelings of relaxation and sleep. Cool light, on the other hand, is associated with alertness and heightened productivity, hence its use in labs and classes.
A home automation system is able to adjust colour tones and hues around the house as needed in different times of the day. The lights are programmed to activate when daylight dims and vice versa.
A home automation Brisbane service can deploy intelligent LED to match your body temperature and adjust the brightness as required. This is because warm yellow light has been shown to increase levels of melatonin which makes your sleep more possible.

Automation Integration

Deploying a programmable smart lighting system can gradually introduce warm light while deactivating other devices around the house that radiate a blue light. Warm light reduces the strain on your eyes signalling to your brain to calm and unwind. The blue light can be counterbalanced by installing LED bias lights to help the eyes adjust to the bright TV and any darker surroundings.
The lights in your bedroom can also be programmed to dim gradually and eventually turn off when you fall asleep. This dimming feature induces sleep hormones in your brain, which in returns helping you go to bed naturally.
Smart lighting will also control different lighting techniques to different areas. Task lights can be set in the kitchen or reading table. Ambient lighting can be deployed in hallways and the bedrooms while accent lighting will highlight decorations and art. The home energy management system will switch off task and accent lights while retaining ambient lighting which mimics natural light patterns.

Benefits of smart lighting

Smart lighting ensures that you have the best lighting patterns and brightness. This is not only beneficial for your health but also for your wallet. You will save on energy bills as well as medical bills as you and your family won’t have negative effects from blue light and over-illumination.

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