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A Bright Idea for Your Smart Home


Smart lighting around the house can do wonders in bringing out different home features with custom designed systems to best suit your home. The days of bright white lights are long gone. There is so much more that can be done with lighting to highlight and accent different features and items in the house. Smart home lighting involves the installation of programmable lights, different hues, shades and tones for different settings. Smart light control systems can also be interlinked with other home automated systems like security systems to make the house more intuitive and deluxe.

Smart Lighting Techniques

There are three main techniques that are used to optimise your lighting preferences. There is task lighting which is lighting designed to help with reading. This lighting design concentrates on a specific area to view (e.g. a reading table). There is ambient lighting, which ensures a balance between natural light and artificial light to keep important areas like the hallway well-lit. The third type is accent lighting which highlights decorative items around the house (e.g. a painting on the wall).
Smart lighting can be used efficiently in all techniques. By installing a home energy management system, these lighting techniques can be made more efficient. For example, in task lighting, the bedroom lights can be programmed to dim as the occupant prepares to sleep.
Ambient lighting can be regulated to sense the brightening and dimming of daylight. If the hallway gets daylight from a nearby window, the lights can be programmed to brighten as the sun sets and daylight becomes dimmer and dim and eventually go off as daylight becomes brighter. This controlled feature lowers the risk of over-illumination.

Smart blinds control

Installing smart blinds into your home will eliminate the erratic element of manually controlling the light and heat coming into a room. A home energy management system includes smart blinds control. The blinds angle is automatically adjusted as daylight becomes brighter and the day gets hotter. This is done in concert with other room temperature sensor designs so that the ideal room temperature is achieved.
Ambient lighting and blinds adjustment also work together to achieve ideal lighting during the day especially when the skies are overcast.

Benefits of smart lighting

Home automation Brisbane services can be highly beneficial in improving your living experience. This can contribute to lower energy bills as if installed alongside a solar energy system, smart blinds control will conserve energy for longer.

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