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Improve Your Health with Light Control Systems


Behavioural experts have long demonstrated that humans are affected by light patterns and intensity. Modern life throws a lot of light from artificial sources to the eyes; TV, computers, mobile, billboards, and other lights. This can interrupt your natural cycle such that your sleeping and waking patterns are affected. Smart lighting can be installed around the house to counter the effects of this harsh lighting. Smart homes solutions have programmable lights that sense the time of the day to adjust brightness which goes along with your body’s circadian rhythm for better sleep and waking patterns.

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A Bright Idea for Your Smart Home


Smart lighting around the house can do wonders in bringing out different home features with custom designed systems to best suit your home. The days of bright white lights are long gone. There is so much more that can be done with lighting to highlight and accent different features and items in the house. Smart home lighting involves the installation of programmable lights, different hues, shades and tones for different settings. Smart light control systems can also be interlinked with other home automated systems like security systems to make the house more intuitive and deluxe.

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