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Multi Area Audio Visual

Are you looking for bespoke professionals who will design, install, and commission a multi-area integrated audio visual system? If yes, then you have come to the ultimate space of audio and video automation services.

Area-to-Area Audio Visual Integration

We bring your multi-area spaces to life with a plethora of top-notch audio visual systems. The area-to-area integration enables your guests, clients, and others to enjoy a dynamic sound and crisp video no matter where they are in your premise. Whether its a pub, sports bar, hotel, gym, and so on, you can entertain your patrons with top-of-the-line multi-display systems.

Trusted and Premium Brands

With brands such as Leaf, AMX and Atlona at our disposal, audio and video distribution systems have never been this comfortable and convenient. They’ll deliver nothing but clear sound and captivating videos.

Snappy Audio Visual Control

With multi-area audio visual systems, you can easily choose TV, music, video simultaneously in several zones without compromising quality. That’s Harvey Norman Commercial difference and guarantee. Centralised control hub incorporates stylish and snappy control displays that let you access media library with a touch of a screen. Even better, you can use your tablet or Smartphone to control your audio visual system.

No Clumsy Wires, No Mess

Unclutter your multi-spaces with an integrated audiovisual system. These systems allow your premise to feature dynamic sound and video without the need for eye-sore black boxes messing up your spaces. You can keep these audiovisual apparatus virtually invisible with in-ceiling speakers, in-wall TV panels, and much more so they cannot compromise the style and flair of your business' décor.

Create Zones

With Harvey Norman Commercial, multi-area integrated audio visual system; each zone can have its own unique source. This way, you can display graphs on selected screens, show weekly news on others, and even videos on the rest. The possibilities are truly limitless.

Huge sound to complement your huge pictures is afforded by cinema specific brands such as M-Y, JL Audio, Wisdom Audio, Dynaudio, and B&W.

Want to spruce up your workspace with multi-area audio visual system? Contact us today for free consultation and more information.

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